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Our mission is to create innovative biotechnological solutions by assembling the best team tailored to the needs of our clients and the goals of specific scientific research projects. 

Together with our collaborators at the Academy, we design, develop and manage innovative research projects for the bioremediation of pollutants and the production and delivery of natural and synthetic enzymes and other proteins.
Our mission is to improve human health and the environment.

We are professionals, researchers, but, most of all, committed people!


Our mission is rooted in our dedication to advancing environmental health through scientific exploration and the development of innovative approaches for the bioremediation of pollutants. We focus on harnessing the power of natural processes to effectively degrade and eliminate harmful contaminants, thus minimizing their impact on ecosystems.
Our team comprises proficient communicators and interdisciplinary researchers with expertise in molecular biology, environmental science, and microbiology. Moreover, we collaborate closely with scientists from various institutions in Italy and Europe, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and fostering a collective synergy of diverse disciplines.
Our shared objective, alongside our scientific partners, is to mitigate the adverse effects of pollutants on the environment and enhance the overall well-being of the global population.
We strive to enable a new era of bioremediation techniques that are efficient, non-intrusive, adaptable in dosage based on specific needs, and free from any detrimental side effects.


ASPIDIA can reliably and effectively help you identify the most suitable enzymes, performing custom optimization, for new bioremediation and transformation processes for specific industrial needs.

By identifying enzymes tailored to the specific industrial process, you can achieve reduced operating costs and the implementation of sustainable, green infrastructure at limited fixed costs.

Bioinformatic analysis of enzyme sequences, from different organisms but performing the same biochemical function, provides information on conserved protein sites essential for enzyme activity and variable regions that may modulate affinity for different substrates.

ASPIDIA offers chemical industries a service for research, optimization and production of enzymes for industrial processes, including bioremediation

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